Whatever your requirements and budget, we can find the perfect holiday rental property to ensure you have an amazing and unforgettable holiday experience.  Carriacou, the "Isle of Reefs" offers a stunning scenery of lovely beaches complemented by the warm and wonderful people that live here. Whatever you are looking for in your Caribbean vacation Carriacou really has it all. Please click below to view our properties.



Number of rooms: 2 + kitchen/Living Area

Size: 50 square feet

​Rates: US $95 a night.

Location: Located in Craigston, just to the north of the main town of Hillsborough.

Firefly is a 2 minute walk from Sparrow Bay Beach & a 10 minute walk to the main bus route. Its a cool and breezy 2 bedroom house with a large kitchen and ample areas to enjoy the views & outdoor living.



Number of rooms: 1 + kitchen

Size: 25 square feet

​Rates: US$65 per night 

Location: Located in the Village of Bogles, half way between Hillsborough & Windwards. By the waters edge.

Mango cottage is a 1 minute walk from the beach & main bus route. Ideal for 2 people, it has A/C, a small kitchen and verandah overlooking the sea. Mango cottage is on the Grounds of the Bogles Round House.



Number of rooms: 2 Separate Apartments with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room in each.

Size: 1058 sq ft & 745 sq ft. Both with extra balcony area

​Rates:  US$70-US$125

Location: Hummingbird Villa is situated in Cherry Hill, facing west, with lovely sea views. 



Number of rooms: 




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